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What type of post sales support and training does your company offer? Print E-mail

Why it Matters:  Once your tracking solution is installed you will need to:
• Raise awareness and secure buy-in among stakeholders in the region.
• Help first responders feel comfortable and confident using the system.
• Teach key personnel to become experts with the system so that they can support an ongoing training program.
• Design and implement exercises.
• Access ongoing support from experts who understand the system from both a technical and field perspective.

 Tackling these things without expert assistance and patient guidance can be time consuming and fraught with headache. That is why it is absolutely essential that you receive ongoing support and training from the company that provides your patient tracking solution.

DMS Answer: To help you ‘do more’ with your tracking system, Disaster Management Solutions offers comprehensive post sales support programs.  Including:
• An informative awareness video to help secure buy-in and raise awareness
• Live on-line chat and support via our web based support suite.
• Support from technology experts and experienced first responders via our Support and Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) in Massachusetts.
• Attendance and support with the first several exercises.
• A ‘train the trainer’ program in which we equip your key personnel with a teaching curriculum and teaching aids so that they can better instruct field persons. While very little training is needed, for smooth operations some form of training is essential.

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