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 Here you will find in-depth information about government funding and grants that can help your department fund a FirsTrak tracking project, or other important project for disaster preparedness. At the forefront of the Disaster Mangement industry, we've also complled a resource guide of future and pending government regulations and guidelines that may effect your Disaster Management efforts.

For those who need to know more about finding the right credentialing or tracking solution, be sure to check out "9 crucial Questions to Ask..."

  • Training and Education  ( 2 items )
    Links to educational and training resources available online.

  • 9 Crucial Questions to Ask  ( 9 items )

     Disaster Management Solutions discusses 9  questions that every manager should ask when considering a patient, personnel or equipment tracking solution. What to ask - Why it matters - and DMS answer.

  • Federal Guidelines and Regulations  ( 7 items )

     DMS' FirstTrak™ Suite has been developed with strict adherence to goverment guidelines and standards, including those listed below.  Our patented VSE™ technology, along with a 'predictive development' philosophy means that FirstTrak keeps both new and established customers at the forefront of government requirements.

  • Grants and Funding  ( 5 items )
    Find where the money is to fund your FirsTrak Disaster Management Solution.  Also, get in depth tips on how to write a better grant proposal.
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