Is your software interoperable across different agencies?

Why it Matters:  In a large scale catastrophe, effective incident management requires the ability to quickly and easily track patients and credentials across disciplines and jurisdictions.  That is the ultimate goal of HSPD-12. Most software tracking systems fail to fulfill the vision of HSPD-12 in this regard.

Some limit interoperability to ESAR-VHP standards, which does not offer an acceptable solution to situations in which multiple types of responders have to converge onto a scene. Others can only handle one niche, such as Fire service. And others limit their software to one element, such as identity, offering a fraction of the information required to properly manage a scene.

DMS Answer: Providing full interoperability among disciplines and between jurisdictions is yet another Disaster Management Solutions innovation that helps first responders ‘do more’. 

DMS offers interoperability among the following first responder groups:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire
  • EMS
  • Emergency Management
  • Public Works
  • Public Health
  • Clinical Care Communities
  • National Citizen Corps Programs
  • Medical Reserve Corps
  • American Red Cross
  • American Heart Association

When new initiatives, regulations or first responder classifications emerge, DMS is there to quickly incorporate the new standards using its VSE ‘predictive development’ philosophy.