Who are your clients and how many projects have you implemented?

Why this Matters: When crisis strikes you can not afford to be blindsided by the growing pains that inevitably arise from an untested software solution. A software system can look quite impressive in a demo, but if it has not been thoroughly tested and fine tuned in realistic situations, the system is vulnerable to countless unforeseen implementation issues.  The system, in essence, becomes an unproven beta release.

DMS Answer: As pioneers in this industry DMS was one of the first companies in the nation to develop software solutions for tracking patients, personnel and inventory in mass casualty incidents.  Since our inception we have offered innovative tracking solutions for the first responder market. We expanded our capabilities in 2005 with the implementation of a large regionally based project. 

DMS has implemented over 50 exercises – each time fine tuning FirstTrak in as real a situation as possible. Over the years we have advanced our tracking technology, while refining crucial management issues, such as project methodology, customer support, and training.

DMS has implemented solutions for several hundred clients, including regions that are responsible for millions of residents, such as Kansas City/Mid American Regional Council, Orange County, Riverside County, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Boston and many more.