Is your tracking solution limited to a web based application?

Why it Matters: In large scale catastrophes standard internet lines may be down for days or weeks. When this happens, tracking systems that depend entirely upon web based applications become non-functional. This vulnerability is a serious issue that your organization can not risk.  When internet lines are down you need to know that your tracking solution can still perform.

DMS Answer: DMS minimizes your risk with redundant tracking solutions that offer the power of the web, safeguarded by the security of satellite.
- Power of the Web: When internet access is available, anyone can access information from a common web browser.
- Security of Satellite: If internet access in affected areas is limited to satellite phone, you do not lose functionality.
o Data is still sent to the central server.
o People in non-affected areas can still view the data via standard internet.
o People in affected areas can still view data collected via DMS ‘local’ reporting capabilities.