FirstTrak INV: at a Glance

firsttrak iconIn day-to-day operations and mass casualty incidents, accurate inventory tracking is vital to successful operations. That’s why DMS created First Trak INV, an equipment tracking solution that enables comprehensive inventory management, while allowing entities to ‘do more’ with resources at hand.

DMS First Resource uses proven technologies to provide innovative, scalable, electronic equipment tracking. By streamlining all aspects of inventory management, FirstTrak INV facilitates:

  • Quick check-in and check-out of equipment via rapid scan
  • Instant data collection via either barcode or RFID tracking technology
  • Flexible labeling options allowing for detailed tracking information (description, quantity, serial #s, grant reference, purchase date, location, etc.)
  • Maintenance of complete transaction histories on all equipment and inventory
  • ‘Cycle Counting’ to assure inventory accuracy and eliminate any systemic errors.
  • Maximum efficiency of inventory. Eliminate or reduce excessive or expired inventory.

Fully scalable and configurable, FirstTrak INV is for tracking:

  • Total Inventory 
  • Serialized Equipment 
  • Lot Traceable Medications and Consumable Items
  • Region wide assets or agency specific inventory
  • Purchase orders and Sales Orders