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Mass Casualty, Mass Evacuation, or Daily Events

Step One: Patient Intake

  • Patient Record is first created using a portable scanner.
  • Patient is given a barcoded triage tag (works with all major triage tags, including LaserBand ).
  • Triage tag is scanned, along with key patient information.
  • Patient photograph is captured and stored.
  • Can occur at the incident scene or at a hospital.
  • DMS recommends barcode technology, however RFID is available.

Step Two: Patient Data Transfer

  • Information is sent to local PC via wireless or batch upload.
  • PC connects to internet and patient data is sent to EOCs, Red Cross, Hospitals and/or other agencies.
  • Multiple wide area connection options, including CDMA, GSM, Satellite dish or satellite phone, WiMax, and mesh networks.
  • Hospitals can be informed of the number and status of incoming patients.
  • Decisions on where to route patients can be made based upon real time data on patient counts and hospital bed availability.
  • Families can be more quickly notified of the status and location of their loved ones.

Step Three: Patient and Incident Reports

  • Easily configurable system allows for custom reports, queries and forms without costly, time consuming programming changes.
  • Attach data to other systems web service, XML or flat file for inter-agency communication.

Steps to Success: Testing Training - Ongoing Support
DMS will support your team before, during and after implementation.

  • Pre Sales Support 
    Assistance with Steering Committee, that crucial time when your team is attempting to identify and define initial requirements.
  • Sales Support 
    Develop and implement custom configuration on a small scale.  Testing and exercises allow DMS to identify and correct any potential weaknesses.
  • Post Sales Support
    24/7 Customer Service Center staffed by experienced IT pros and veteran first responders. Online support center with user manuals, cheat sheets, documentation, and other relevant information.
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