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9 Crucial Questions
Is your software interoperable across different agencies? Print E-mail

Why it Matters:  In a large scale catastrophe, effective incident management requires the ability to quickly and easily track patients and credentials across disciplines and jurisdictions.  That is the ultimate goal of HSPD-12. Most software tracking systems fail to fulfill the vision of HSPD-12 in this regard.

Is your tracking solution limited to a web based application? Print E-mail

Why it Matters: In large scale catastrophes standard internet lines may be down for days or weeks. When this happens, tracking systems that depend entirely upon web based applications become non-functional. This vulnerability is a serious issue that your organization can not risk.  When internet lines are down you need to know that your tracking solution can still perform.

Is your software fully scalable? Print E-mail

Why it Matters: In a catastrophe your organization may need to process numerous transactions simultaneously.  History shows that many Disaster Management Solutions' competitors have never tested their systems on a large scale, and some who have tested their systems were faced with multiple performance issues.  When the golden hour strikes you need assurance that your tracking system will handle high volumes of transactions within a short period of time.

Is your software fully customizable and configurable? Print E-mail

 Why this Matters: Your organization has specific data collection and reporting requirements that are likely to change over time. It is vital that the your tracking solution has the ability to generate custom forms and reports now, and in the future, without the need for programming changes, or danger of ‘version lock’. With ‘version lock’ the customization of a tracking system is dependant upon costly, time intensive programming changes. When new features or updates are released the client can not benefit from these updates without incurring prohibitive programming costs for reimplementation.  The end result is that the client remains ‘locked’ into a system that is increasingly limited, outdated and eventually obsolete.

How does your software accommodate state or federal guidelines and regulations? Print E-mail

Why it Matters: Compliance to federal guidelines and regulations are essential for grant funding, interoperability, and the eventual roll-out of a nation wide tracking system. Therefore it is extremely important that your organization implement a tracking system that is not only compliant with current guidelines, but has the ability to adapt and quickly accommodate policy changes.

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